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I’m a Man with a passion for Smile

It’s time to live your purpose
I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to be with me and take the next step along on your path of smile
#ConnectWithAjay Designing team and I along with you will make it a awesome place to visit again & again. 



Hello  Friends, I love to write, speak and discuss in the free flow upon different walks of Life.
Self-motivation, Positive Vibrations, Digital platforms and Internet Technology are the field of interest, work, and action.


Online Traffic Expert ~ Online Business Planning ~ Online Business Execution

 Experienced professional of more than 7 years into entrepreneurship making online business emphasizing Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO, SMO, PPC,  Planning , Trend and Gaps Analysis, Team Handling, Audience Engagement, Traffic Redirection , Email Cron Jobs and Sms, Competitor Analysis, Market Analysis, Webmaster Reporting, Adverts , Plan forecasting via Google Analytics , Channel Making. Skilled with all tools and blueprints related to Web-Based Business. Building up business from Analysis scratch to planning leading to successful execution. sales, marketing, and business development in the Internet-based Business

 Highly customer-centric with excellent relationship building skills as evidenced by achievement in building and thousands of new subscriber accounts in past years, primarily through referrals and other-centric media. Strong pitches to promote sales and marketing channels to build new business and cultivate existing customer relationships. Self-confident, organized, and motivated. Bring creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to all business endeavors.